If you have never tried CrossFit before, then the On-Ramp program is for you!

Our trained staff will guide you through 6-classes where you will discuss and learn the foundational CrossFit movements performed in our regular class. You will also be put through various CrossFit style workouts to give you a look into what CrossFit is like.

The On-Ramp program is required of new members to ensure a safe transition over to the regular class.

The cost of On-Ramp is $100, however we want to let every individual who comes through our doors determine if CrossFit Adept is a good fit for them. Therefore, the first class of On-Ramp is FREE! Upon conclusion of the first class, if you decide you would like to continue with the remaining 5 classes, then we will set-up membership and payment. If you decide otherwise, then you do not have to continue and you will not be charged.

Contact us today to set-up your first On-Ramp class and begin your journey towards health and fitness!