CrossFit is more than just a form of exercise, it is also the sport of fitness. Competitive CrossFit is rapidly growing and we are excited to offer programming for individuals seeking to make their name in the sport.

Maybe you are also just a dedicated CrossFit Adept member that has no ambition of competing in CrossFit, but would like to add more volume to your training regiment; This program is for you.

Our programming focuses on increasing strength and muscle endurance with various barbell movements, gymnastic strength and stamina, and overall conditioning in rowing and running. The competitor program compliments the daily CrossFit class, so both can and should be performed without any overlap in movements or training.

Competitor pricing: $10/month

A simple add-on to our regular memberships. Competitor programming is only a month-to-month commitment, so if you feel you are not taking full advantage of the program, you can take if off at any time, even if you are in a 6-Month or 12-Month Term Agreement.