There is no greater responsibility than being entrusted with another one’s child. At CrossFit Adept within our CrossFit Kids program, that is and will always be our first and foremost concern.

CrossFit Kids is headed by Coach Nick den Daas and Family Fitness LLC. Coach Nick is one of, if not the top trainer in Dane county when is comes to working with families and kids. We are very honored and humbled that he has chosen to head our CrossFit Kids program.

The CrossFit Kids class is just that… A CrossFit class made for Kids!

It is no surprise that obesity in children is a rising concern throughout the nation and world. Our main goal in our Kids program is to help combat that concern by providing a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for kids to exercise and develop their own definition of fitness that they will carry through adolescence and the rest of their life.

On top of that, our program will also provide an opportunity to hone life skills such as perseverance, acknowledging personal responsibility, accepting feedback, working with others, following rules and exhibiting etiquette.

Currently our program is gauged for 5-12 year olds and divided into 2 classes, a younger (5-8 years old) and older (9-12 year old) group. See schedule below for class times.


All our CrossFit Kids Membership are on a month-to-month basis, meaning no long term commitments. We also want to make sure that your child enjoys the program before committing them to a membership, so the first class is free. Contact us today to schedule your free class!

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KIDS Schedule

To view our entire daily class schedule, click here.

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