Welcome to CrossFit Adept

CrossFit Adept is Verona, Wisconsin's Premier CrossFit Affiliate. Formed in 2013, CrossFit Adept has been one of the leaders in redefining what fitness is in Dane County.

Here at CrossFit Adept we will provide you with the top programming and resources available to help improve your fitness and quality of life while simultaneously assisting you achieve your personal goals.

a┬Ědept (adj.) : very skilled or proficient at something.

Crossfit Is...

For Everyone

CrossFit can be modified to fit any individual's current ability level.

Constantly Varied

The workout is different everyday. Routine is the enemy.

Applicable to Life

The movements performed are functional to you in your everyday life.

High Intensity

The volume performed during our 60 minute classes is designed to improve your fitness fast.

A Community

We are more than just a gym, we are a family. The atmosphere we offer makes working out fun!

Quality Coaching

Our coaches have excellent credentials and experience in the fitness industry.